The new school uniform will be fully implemented from the beginning of Term 1, 2023.

All new uniform items can be purchased via our stockist, NZ Uniforms. Please note that uniform is only available to purchase online.

Samples are available to try on at the school office. Please book an appointment by emailing admin@horizon.school.nz. Alternatively, you can try on samples at the Albany retail store.

New Uniform Orders

Purchase uniform here.


Uniform Items – Years 7 – 8 Students

Female Items:

Male Items:

Unisex Items:

PE & Sports Uniforms

P.E. Uniform
This is not yet part of Horizon School uniform. Therefore learners may wear mufti for physical activity. It is only to be worn during P.E. or lunchtime sport. 

Sports Uniform
Each sports code has different uniform requirements that will be detailed by the sport manager. Sports uniforms are not to be worn outside of game times. 


Shoes must be worn to and from school and at assemblies.

The following shoes are acceptable to be worn:

  • Black flat sandals (back strap compulsory) or black shoes (no coloured logos or coloured laces) with plain black socks – no boots or casual shoes. 

  • Sports shoes are acceptable if they are completely black, including laces and soles.

  • Black shoes (no coloured logos or coloured laces) with plain black socks or stockings – no boots or casual shoes. 

We recommend shoes as opposed to sandals in Terms 2 & 3. 


  • Undergarments/merinos are encouraged but must not be visible under the school shirt

  • We recommend short sleeved, v-neck, firm-fitting thermals. 

Year 0 – 6

  • black firm-fitting footless tights to enable sandpit play or;

  • black socks

Years 7 – 10

  • full length black stockings (no footless) or; black socks


  • In order to reduce cost, students will be allowed to wear sport hoodies for the duration of 2023.

  • For formal occasions such as school photos and assemblies, hoodies will be required to be removed.

  • From Term 1 2024, sports hoodies will not be accepted as part of the school uniform. The Horizon School sweatshirt or jackets will need to be worn.


A Horizon school hat/cap is required to be worn outside during Terms 1 & 4.  Options include:


Hair should be neat and tidy, off the face and of one natural hair colour and reasonable style.  

  • Face and eyes must be visible.  

  • Shoulder length and long hair should be tied back.  

  • Hair bands, ties etc, must be in school colours – black, navy blue or pale blue (no patterns).


  • Plain ear studs in the bottom of each ear lobe (only 1 per ear). No nose piercings 

  • No other jewellery may be worn unless approved by the Senior leadership


  • No makeup, nail polish or nail extensions may be worn

  • No inappropriate body markings.


Students who arrive at school in non-regulation uniform should have a note from their parent / caregiver explaining that repairs or replacements are underway.


The Principal and Senior Management reserve the right to determine if uniform requirements are being met based on the uniform policy. Students who are not prepared to meet the uniform standards may be required to work under supervision of senior managers.


  1. When a student arrives at school, and they are wearing a non-regulation uniform item, they must report to their teacher and present a note from their parent or caregiver.  

  2. The Teacher will issue a uniform pass if appropriate.  

  3. Teachers keep a record of uniform passes issued

  4. Non regulation uniform items with no parent note – 

    1. After 3 warnings in one term, the DP is advised who will contact the family and decide on an appropriate next step

Neck Up, Ankle Down Guidelines – Years 11 – 12

The below Senior Uniform items must be worn:

Female Items:

Male Items:

Unisex Items:

Please see below for Neck up, Ankle down Guidelines:

  • Shoes are to be sensible and reasonable

    • No jandals

    • No slides

    • No heels

  • Socks – anything reasonable

  • Hair – anything reasonable 

  • Piercings – any ear piercings and a small nose piercing

  • Light makeup

  • Painted nails 

  • Sensible Jewellery

    • Cultural or religious jewellery is acceptable 

    • Other jewellery is subtle and respectful and does not interfere with school activities 

  • Tidy facial hair 

  • Any hats (not permitted to be worn inside)

Please note that anything reasonable will be determined by management and the college teaching team in consultation with the student. If parents/caregivers have any queries regarding these guidelines please email the college teaching team.