Helping you get in-the-know and answering your frequently asked questions

Useful Information

Office Hours
8:30 am – 3:30 pm

09 425 6878 (you can leave a message)

Office Email

Principal Email
Tina Utting-Johnson

School Bank Account Number

School Bell Times

8:55am – School starts

10:40am – Start of Morning Tea

11:00am – End of Morning Tea

12:40pm – Start Lunch

1:10pm – College Finish Lunch

1:30pm – Primary Finish Lunch

2:55pm – End of School day

Absent from School 

Can you please make it a priority to contact the school before 9:00 am if your child is going to be absent from school. Apart from this being a legal requirement, we also want to ensure the safety of your child; if they haven’t turned up for school we need to know where they are. You can leave a message on the answerphone 09 425 6878, email or use our absentee form on our website to notify us.

Late to School

Please ensure your child(ren) arrives at school no earlier than 8:30 am but no later than 8:50 am to ensure that they are ready for school when the bell rings. If your child is late, they must report to the office before going to class.

Please inform the office if your child has a doctor’s or dentist appointment and the estimated time your child will be arriving at school so that we can mark the attendance register.

Collecting your child early from school

Please ensure you report to the office and sign your child(ren) out in the Student Sign In/Out book if you are collecting your child during school times. If you would like another member of your family or a friend who is not known by the school to collect your child can you please inform the office of their name and the time they will be collecting your child.

Travelling Home by Bus

Please notify the office if your child will be taking the bus and complete the Bus Code of Conduct Form and Private Conveyancing (Allowance) Application Form. Kindly contact Gubbs Motors directly for transfer bus information 09 425 8348.


Please ensure that your child(ren) have the correct uniform and that they are clean – representing the school and their families well. No ‘other’ sweatshirts, socks and shoes are appropriate. A note from parents/caregivers to the class teacher is required when the correct uniform cannot be worn. Please find details regarding uniforms below.

General Communication

You will receive a printed newsletter at the beginning of each term which will give a thorough overview of that term. A weekly newsletter containing classroom updates will be emailed to you every Friday afternoon. The rest of our communication will be through Hero, email and text, and through our Facebook Page. Please feel free to join our Horizon School Community group on Facebook.

Email Communication

Please note that teacher email addresses start with their first name – eg. Teacher email addresses are included at the bottom of each class’s weekly update.

Other email addresses are:

Staff phone numbers are for personal use and calls and texts are not to be made unless in response to a request by the teacher. This protects our teacher’s free time.

Contacting your child while at school

If you need to get a message to your child, please contact the office before 2pm to ensure enough time for us to deliver the message.

Concerns or Complaints Process

If you have concerns or would like to know how to proceed with a complaint, please use the button below to see the process.

Linc-Ed Hero

For instructions on how to access Linc-Ed Hero please visit
Linc-Ed Hero is supported on all modern browsers, for example, Google Chrome or Safari.

Once logged in, the following screen will appear if using the (left) Hero App on a Mobile Device, or (right) Desktop or Laptop.

If viewing on the Hero App, there is a menu button in top left hand corner.  Select this and it will show the same options as shown on the left hand column of the laptop/desktop view.

The left hand column:

  • “Community Feed” button takes you to the Notices page, where communication from the school shows.
  • Click on the arrow beside your child’s name and you will have access to read, view and listen to your child’s learning.  Become part of the conversation by writing a comment or adding a ‘Like’ to the post.  This page also provides the option to print reports.

  • Click on the “Finance” button and this will show your financials.  There is an option to pay online through Hero if you wish to (select “Pay Online” option beside statement item). Alternatively, our bank account number is shown at the top under the GST number if you wish to do normal internet banking.

The button in the top right hand corner of the screen gives two options:

  • Edit Profile: This gives you the option to add a profile image and also to change your password should you wish to do so.

  • “Log Out” To exit out of Linc-Ed Hero, simply click this button.

Policies and Procedures

Our Policies and Procedures are viewable online at

Parents/caregivers – if you would to be involved in reviewing our policies and procedures, please follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the website

  • Enter the username is horizon and password is snellsbeach.

  • Follow the link to the relevant policy as listed.

  • Read the policy.

  • Click the Policy Review button at the top right-hand corner of the page.

  • Select the reviewer type “Parent”.

  • Enter your name (optional).

  • Submit your ratings and comments.

School Costs

At Horizon, we do our very best to keep costs down, while providing an excellent education for your child.  This is a constant balancing act for us, and there is never enough money to do all the things we want to do!

As a state-integrated school, Horizon School is owned by a Trust rather than the state. The KingsWay Trust owns and maintains our land and buildings, requiring us to charge compulsory attendance dues. The NZ Christian Proprietors Trust (NZCPT) collects these attendance dues on behalf of KingsWay Trust. Fees are split between Attendence Dues payable to NZCPT, School Donations which are payable directly to Horizon School. Stationery, uniforms and camp costs are additional compulsory costs.

Attendance Dues (payable to NZCPT)

For Years 1-6
$305.50 incl. GST per child per term
Payable to New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust (NZCPT)

For Years 7 and above
$416.00 incl. GST per child per term
Payable to New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust (NZCPT)

Attendance dues are charged quarterly (Jan, April, July and October) and collected by NZCPT via direct debit. If you do not have a direct debit in place, the fees are required to be paid in full at the beginning of each quarter.

Those with a direct debit plan in place with NZCPT, have the flexibility to pay off the fees over the year either monthly, fortnightly, or weekly. Parents/caregivers need to notify the school one term in advance if your child is intending to withdraw from school. No notice given, will result in any prepaid attendance dues being forfeited.

Statements and direct debit forms are available on request by contacting Selena Codlin of NZCPT, email A small number of students may be subsidised. Application forms for part sponsorship are available from the office. Please ensure you complete and return forms to the office who will forward this to NZCPT on your behalf.

Note: Please do not pay Attendance Dues into the school bank account.

NZCPT Bank Account Number:

School Donations (payable directly to Horizon school)

School Donations are payable to Horizon School to supplement education at Horizon.
$75.00 per child per term
($300.00 per child per year)

The School Donation is used by Horizon School to contribute towards the many expenses involved in offering education to our students and supplement the school’s budget, contributing to support our learners through:

  • School activities such as class trips, and educational resources (60%)

  • Reduction of teacher/student ratios; special character/wellness coach (40%)

Although we acknowledge that it is a voluntary payment requested from all state and state-integrated schools in New Zealand, it is a very important part of our budget. Our class programmes rely heavily on real life learning activities and their success is dependent on our parents supporting these financially whenever possible. We have minimal expectations of parents for fundraising activities.

Your donations are eligible for a 33.33% tax rebate / credit. You can learn more from the IRD. If your school donation is paid before 31 March, a claim for a rebate / credit can be made anytime after 1 April of that same year.

Please arrange payment online:
School Bank Account Number
Include the word ‘donation’ and your family name as references.

Thank you for your support!

Stationery, Uniform and Camp Costs

Please note that stationery, uniform and camp costs are not considered donations and are classified as a parent cost.

Invoices for school costs can be accessed through Linc-Ed Hero (above). Payment for activity fees needs to be paid each term prior to the activity. Individualised computer program costs and optional voluntary payments for TEF School Donation are shown as the per term amount. Prompt payment is appreciated. We recommend that parents set up a payment plan at the beginning of the year, where you can pay off small amounts on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis in order to avoid paying lump sums at the end of each term or end of the year. Please discuss this with the office administrator.

School Bank Account Number

Available through MySchool OfficeMax

Please see the uniform requirements and guidelines